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On the embankment River Nogat in the 13th century Teutonic Knights started construction of the world’s biggest brick stronghold – the castle in Malbork. Karwan was the encampment site for provision wagon trails and stockpiling of battle gear. Of many such outbuildings typical of Teutonic Knights’ castles, only the Karwan of Malbork is extant. It was originally raised in the early 14th century.

Karwan - view before the IIWW

Reopened to public in 1995, it is now ranks among the most advanced conference centres available in historical buildings in Poland. Its combines unique ambience with state-of-the-art systems as an exceptional venue for conferences, workshops, concerts, feasts, banquets and gala dinners.

Karwan – present view

The Malbork Castle Museum

KARWAN Conference Centre
Starościńska 1
82-200 Malbork
tel.: +48 55 647 08 55, +48 55 647 08 57
fax: +48 55 647 08 53
email: karwan[a]zamek.malbork.pl
Jagoda Saj
mob.: +48 512 205 648
email: j.saj[a]zamek.malbork.pl

Specialist for Organisation and Conference Services
Monika Stankiewicz
mob.: +48 669 622 248
email: monika.stankiewicz[a]zamek.malbork.pl