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A Technological Study of the Christoph Maucher Casket, the most Valuable Amber Exhibit from the Collections of the Malbork Castle Museum

EEA Project

The project assumes carrying out conservation and construction works on historic farm buildings at the outskirts of the castle in Malbork and adapting them to cultural and educational functions (library, conservation workshop, digitization workshop and the Center for Research on the Teutonic Heritage).

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War Losses Project

Since 2018, the Castle Museum in Malbork has been implementing the project "War Losses", i.e. research on the losses and dispersion of the collections of castles in Malbork and Kwidzyn suffered as a result of World War II.

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Beautiful Style

In 2018, the Castle Museum in Malbork initiated the international, interdisciplinary project "Beautiful style in the Czech editorial office in Prussia - stone sculpture from 1380-1400", which, thanks to the use of modern techniques, allows us to take a fresh look at unique monuments from the Middle Ages.

Treasures of the Castle Collections

The team of the Castle Museum in Malbork runs the interdisciplinary project "Treasures of the Castle Collections", which transfers the most valuable artefacts available in the collections of the three Museum branches to virtual space.


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