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Corner room

ala z ekspozycją witraży. Posadzka z kolorowych płytek. Ściany wymurowane z cegły. W narożniku na wprost kominek z zawieszonym nad paleniskiem kociołkiem. Na ściankach ekspozycyjnych witraże o tematyce religijnej.
Corner room

In the Middle Ages, it was a utility room – probably one of the food warehouses. Today, the interior serves as an exhibition hall, where you can see an exhibition of stained glass. Stained glass glazing was one of the most important elements of the interior design of old buildings, including, of course, castles. It complemented wall painting, often exceeding it in terms of its impact. It was an essential factor in the artistic harmony of interiors, it gave the rooms a specific atmosphere. Especially on clear days, the sun’s rays passing through the pictures of colored glass created amazing color effects, constantly changing depending on the intensity of the light. The era of the greatest heyday of stained glass was naturally the Middle Ages, but after years of oblivion, this art was revived in the nineteenth century, which was greatly favored by the movement of monuments restoration.


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