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Circle of Malbork Guides: it has over two hundred guides. The aim of the Club’s activity is to provide the best, fully professional service for tourists coming to Malbork.

The scope of services offered by the Circle of Malbork Guides includes organizing tours and individual tourists around the complex of the Castle Museum in Malbork through the Museum Ticket Office. In the case of foreign-language groups, an order for a guide service should be made well in advance. A guided tour of the city of Malbork, Żuławy, the Elbląg region and the Pomeranian Voivodeship can be booked through travel agencies operating in Malbork. The above services are offered to domestic and foreign tourists in the following languages: Polish, English, Chinese, Czech, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Italian. The Guides Circle invites associations with similar activities, travel agencies, resorts, hotels, etc. to cooperate.

Detailed information about the club’s activities can be obtained via Facebook:
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Circle of Malbork Guides
st. Starościńska 1
phone +48 55 272 08 80
phone +48 55 647 09 37

PTTK branch in Malbork:
was established by the municipal authorities in 1951. However, it was not until March 25, 1953 that an organizational meeting was held, during which the authorities of the Branch were elected. The first chairman of the board was Stefan DUBYNA. Its activities included various forms of tourism: it organized trips, canoeing trips, rallies, rallies, built and marked tourist trails, and organized and conducted guiding. At that time, statutory committees operated at the Branch, such as: walking, water, cycling and motor. In 1954, a unit of the Tourist Traffic Service was established, which aimed to familiarize tourists with the nature, history, monuments and achievements of the Malbork region. On April 8, 1954, the Guides Circle was established at the PTTK Branch, whose main goal was to service the growing tourist traffic.

On On February 24, 1957, the authorities of the Gdańsk District of PTTK commission direct care of the Malbork Castle to the PTTK Branch. It lasted until the establishment of the Castle Museum in Malbork on January 1, 1961. In the years of further activity of the Branch, the structures of PTTK were further expanded through the organization of PTTK company circles, the development of qualified tourism and the increasing number of tourist and information publications from year to year.

In 1992, the Branch suspended its activities for several years, and in 1997 it was reactivated under the new name Branch of PTTK Guides in Malbork. The reactivated Branch consisted mainly of museum guides, which meant that its activity was mainly limited to servicing the tourist traffic around the Castle Museum in Malbork. In the following years of existence, the Cycling Tourism Club and the Youth Sightseeing and Tourism Club at the Youth Care Center in Malbork were established in the Branch.

Guiding Branch of them. Stefania Dubyny
st. Starościńska 4, 82-200 Malbork


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