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Archaeological Laboratory

Kilkadziesiąt drobnych monet rozsypanych z leżącej obok czarnej skórzanej sakiewki.

The archaeological collection is one of the largest collections created since the beginning of the museum’s existence. Today, the core of this collection, numbering about 11,000 artifacts, are objects obtained from numerous research expeditions led by the employees of the department in Lower Powiśle over the course of sixty years. A small number of relics come from emergency rescue works and donations. Multi-season, interdisciplinary archaeological research was carried out, among others in the early medieval fortified settlements in Baldrama, Podzamcze and Hungary, as well as in medieval strongholds and settlements in Weklice, Stążki, Rejsity, Biała Góra. Moreover, the sphere of research interests included extensive necropolises from the period of Roman influence in Lubieszewo, Nowy Targ and Malbork-Wielbark. Archaeological research conducted within the castle complexes in Kwidzyn and Malbork is a separate issue. It was during the work carried out in them that, among others, a unique treasure of 234 silver Teutonic Knights, or a complete 15th-century Koncerz. The collection in the museum in Kwidzyn was completely different. The archaeological collections there include over 600 museum pieces. Half of them were in the pre-war Regional Museum of West Prussia in Kwidzyn. One of the most valuable is the collection of Neolithic stone tools.


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