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Tile Collection

The collection of tiles and antique stoves is one of the newest collections of the Castle Museum in Malbork, established in 1990. It has over 1,100 inventory entries, which translates into several thousand monuments. Its core is made of tiles and their fragments from archaeological and architectural research carried out on the grounds and in the interiors of the castle. A large percentage of them are also exhibits from the old, post-German collections, enriched with tiles from demolished stoves, which used to heat the interior of the castle. In the present museum collection, apart from individual tiles, there are also tiled stoves purchased in antique shops in Gdańsk or from private persons. The most valuable monuments of this type include two stoves from the 18th century built of Gdańsk-type tiles, or copies of the Rococo Elbląg stoves made in 1923-1924 in Kadyny. Completely separate and unique in the collection is a set of miniatures of antique stoves in the scale 1:10, made by Alina Sawicka and Anna Maria Strzelczyk in the majolica technique. The collection is complemented by 18th-century tiles of the so-called Gdańsk, as well as the 19th-century ones from the Majoliki Manufacture in Nieborów and the Art Nouveau ones from Ernst Teichert’s Meissen factory.


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