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Numismatic Collection

The numismatic collection of the Castle Museum in Malbork consists of two collections kept in Malbork (approx. 7,500 items, divided into three collections: Coins, Medals, Copies, Banknotes and others) and in Kwidzyn (442 items). In both castles, relics were stored in pre-war times. Until World War II, Malbork housed one of the richest research workshops in the field of numismatics. Unfortunately, as a result of hostilities, the collection was dispersed. With the establishment of the Castle Museum in 1961, the collection of coins, medals and items related to numismatics was resumed. Today, the collection includes rare and valuable Teutonic coins, coins issued in Malbork by three Polish kings – Stefan Batory, Zygmunt III Vasa and Jan Kazimierz, or contemporary collector coins that the Museum receives from the National Bank of Poland as part of free transfers. The most valuable in the collection of medals are outstanding works of medal art by Gdańsk modern medalists – Samuel Ammon, Sebastian Dadler, Jan Höhn the Elder and Jan Höhn the Younger. Interesting items include exhibits such as 19th-century decorative stocking pouches, purses, ducat scales or utility items encrusted with coins.


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