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Family Audio Guide

Turyści zwiedzający zamek z audioprzewodnikiem

Let’s transport the entire family back to the times when appalling news of the Teutonic Knights’ defeat at the Battle of Grunwald reached the castle. For Malbork, this means one thing – an impeding siege of the fortess.

In these circumstances, the actions unfold in the latest offer for families —
a special guided tour with an audio guide. Thanks to it, we will learn what life was like in Malbork Castle during the memorable siege of 1410. The inhabitants of the fortress will guide us through its most important rooms, with one thought lingering in their minds: “What will happen next?”. However, the characters will find time to share memories, legends, and secrets with us.

The audio tour was created with whole families in mind, so it was given a narrative convention, and the script was enriched with many voices and dialogues. The dynamics of the action are built by sounds and music providing the background for the entire story. In addition to the substantive and artistic layers, the audio tour includes instructions on how to navigate the castle, so visitors will have no problem finding their way in the new space.

Duration of the tour: approx. 2 hours.

Cost: The audio guide is provided at the price of admission to the historical route with an audio guide (when picking up the audio, ask for the version for families with children).


Tuesday – Sunday, 9.00 – 17.00

Language options: Polish, English.

Turyści zwiedzający zamek z audioprzewodnikiem


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