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We love pets as much as you do, so there is no reason to restrict your plans to visit us!
Bring your love one and leave at our pet designated location full off comfortable shaded space and water supply.
Remember to provide pet passport with a valid vaccination stamp.
Service is free of charge and it is only available between 1 April and 30 September.
For more details ask at our Ticket Office.

Please note: Always keep your dog on a leash and please clean up after your pet.

Regulations on the temporary keeping of pets left by visitors to
the Malbork Castle Museum at ul. Starościńska 1, 82-200 Malbork.

  1. The Malbork Castle Museum (Muzeum Zamkowe w Malborku) at ul. Starościńska 1 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the MZM’) can also be visited by those traveling with dogs and cats.
  2. The Museum provides its adult visitors with an opportunity to temporarily leave a dog or cat in stalls or carriers located within the premises of the Museum.
  3. The MZM has three individual stalls with kennels for temporarily keeping bigger dogs and portable carriers for keeping small pets.
  4. Cats and small dogs will be temporarily kept in the portable carriers, which will be placed in a pen with the stalls.
  5. The MZM will, where possible, provide a temporarily kept pet with a bowl of drinking water.
  6. In order to leave a dog or cat for temporary keeping, the visitor needs to:
  • present a valid ticket entitling them to visit the MZM on a given day,
  • read and sign these Regulations,
  • present a current health certificate of the pet and, in the case of dogs, a certificate with a current rabies vaccination record, to a designated MZM employee,
  • present a document with a photo to an MZM employee to take down personal data along with the PESEL number (national personal identification number),
  • provide contact details (residence address and telephone number),
  • sign a declaration stating that they:
  1. have read the Regulations on temporary pet keeping (for up to 6 hours) in the stalls or carriers,
  2. voluntarily consent to temporary pet keeping during the visit to the MZM, (….)
  3. agree to voluntarily cover any damage caused by the temporarily kept pet,
  4. collect the pet and do not raise any objections or claims against the MZM in regard to the temporary pet keeping during the visit to the Museum

according to the template attached hereto.

  1. The Information on Personal Data Processing is attached to the Declaration referred to in point 3.7.
  2. During temporary pet keeping, the MZM:
  • does not provide veterinary care,
  • is not responsible for the pets’ health and well-being.
  1. After meeting the conditions described in point 3, the visitor will personally, assisted by a designated MZM employee, place their pet in a designated stall or in a portable carrier.
  2. The visitor who has left a pet for temporary keeping in a designated place on the premises of the MZM is obliged to, upon request of an MZM employee, immediately stop the visit and collect the pet if it:
  • unexpectedly falls ill,
  • is behaving restlessly, posing a threat to itself and other temporarily kept pets, and cannot be controlled,
  • is damaging the MZM’s property (the stalls and portable carriers).
  1. The owner of a pet temporarily kept at the MZM is financially responsible for damage caused to the MZM by the pet.
  • any damage will be assessed immediately after it occurs, and the assessment will not be negotiable,
  • within 7 days, the owner will cover the costs of any damage caused to the MZM by the temporarily kept pet, by transferring the amount due to the MZM’s account.
  1. The visitor undertakes to collect the pet temporarily kept at the MZM immediately after visiting the MZM. The pet will be collected on the basis of the Declaration signed by the visitor when temporarily leaving the pet for keeping at the MZM. The visitor will also sign a note confirming the collection and stating that they do not raise any objections or claims against the MZM in regard to the temporary pet keeping at the MZM during the visit to the Museum.
  2. If the pet is not collected within the time specified in the Declaration, the MZM will hand the pet over to the nearest animal shelter the following day. All related costs will be borne by the pet owner.
  3. Each time a pet leaves a stall or carrier, a designated MZM employee will clean and disinfect the stall or carrier. This will be confirmed in the Cleaning and Disinfection Register (Appendix 2 hereto).


  1. Declaration with Information on Personal Data Processing
  2. Cleaning and Disinfection Register




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