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The collection of architectural details is related to the scientistic restoration of the castle, during which it was regothised using medieval elements of architecture found in the rubble. The initiator of this undertaking was Conrad Steinbrecht, who eagerly brought to the Malbork castle all the architectural details that could be obtained without major detriment to the monuments. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, these collections became so famous that details from China, also from the famous wall, were added to the Malbork collection. In the first half of the 20th century, the collection was expanded to include wooden details and structural elements of regional construction from the monuments of professional construction in Żuławy, which were brought to the castle by the successor of Conrad Steinbrecht - Bernhard Schmid. Its significant development took place after the destruction of the castle in 1945. During its removal of rubble, numerous, Teutonic details were selected. Some of them found their place in the collection, while the rest went to their original places during the post-war reconstruction of the Malbork stronghold. Among the many valuable relics, today counting about 1,200 inventory items, the hand of the Madonna from the original sculpture of the Madonna with the Child from the recess of the castle church and the capital showing a knightly tournament deserve special attention.


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