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Collection of Stained Glass

Witraż przedstawiający mężczyznę ubranego w szaty pontyfikalne. Mężczyzna ma na sobie zielony ornat, na głowie ma mitrę w kolorze biało złotym.W prawej ręce trzyma pastorał a w lewej księgę. Z tyłu za nim leży lew.

The stained glass collection includes 211 objects. It consists mainly of the nineteenth and twentieth century remains of the old stained glass glazing of the castle complex, as well as the relics of the Malbork stained glass glazing of the New Town Hall, from 1927-1929 by Fritz Burmann. In the group of nineteenth-century stained glass windows, 33 figural plots from 1891-1893 by Johann Baptista Haselberger, which are successful imitations of the Gothic stained glass windows of Chełmno, which found their way to the castle church of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the scientistic reconstruction of the castle, led by Conrad Steinbrecht, deserve special attention. The second numerous complex of the old castle glazing from that period are the remains of the stained glass windows of the Great Refectory from 1908-1910 by Franz Lauterbach. From the rich iconographic program of the stained glass windows of the Great Refectory, originally comprising 28 figures: heroes, rulers and Teutonic dignitaries, only the ornamental stained glass fields from the upper parts of the windows have survived. A separate group consists of 42 sections of experimental, mostly abstract, stained glass windows by Władysław Kozioł from Toruń, whose work in the 1970s and 1980s was closely related to the Malbork castle. The collection still includes sporadic relics of the old castle glazing and individual historical stained glass windows, interesting in terms of iconography or author.


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