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Amber Collection

The construction of the amber collection began shortly after the founding of the Castle Museum in 1961. The location of this type of collection in Malbork was not accidental, thus referring to the history of this area, where in the Neolithic period there were amber workshops, in Roman times the amber route ran, while in the Middle Ages amber became one of the most important items of trade in the state of the Teutonic Order, and in the castle itself, amber products were part of the equipment. Currently, the Malbork collection includes nearly 2,000 exhibits, including natural amber, artistic products from the Neolithic to the interwar period, and items presenting examples of contemporary art. The most interesting objects are the lump of natural amber, the so-called a head weighing more than 2 kg, which is the heaviest in the collection, and an amulet with a solar sign from the Neolithic period. The most valuable are monuments from the modern period: altars, reliquaries, figural art, jewelry, among which there are works by the Gdańsk masters Christoph Maucher and Michael Redlin. The Malbork amber collection also includes works by contemporary artists – mass and mass products from the 1960s and works of high artistic class, among others the team of PIRO, Maria and Paweł Fietkiewicz, Wanda and Bogdan Frydrychowicz, Giedymin Jabłoński, Janusz Góralski, Mariusz Drapikowski and Sławomir Fijałkowski.


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