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Witold’s cell

Widok przez kutą w motywy dekoracyjne kratę do wnętrza pomieszczenia będącego celą więzienną.
Witold’s cell

In the Middle Ages, the dark interior served as a prison for special prisoners of war – traditionally it is called Vytautas’ cell, although the Grand Duke of Lithuania never visited it. In 1361, the Lithuanian prince Kiejstut was kept here. The legend tells about his escape from the cell in which a Teutonic servant of Lithuanian origin was to help him. Probably also the commanders of the Polish troops who were captured after the Battle of Chojnice in 1454 were imprisoned here. The prisoners were guarded by guards stationed in small rooms in front of the cell. To prevent escape, the brick walls of the interior were additionally lined with thick iron plates. Through a small, barred window in the thick northern wall, only a narrow beam of light fell into the interior. In the thickness of the western wall, to the left of the entrance, a two-chamber furnace was placed, which was to heat the Chapter Hall located one floor above.


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