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How to order Museum Lessons?

Educational classes are conducted by employees of the Education Department of the Castle Museum in Malbork

Tomasz Bogdanowicz, manager tel. 55/6470982; e-mail:
Jolanta Justa, tel. 55/6470983; e-mail;

Ewa Kasprzyk, tel. 55/6470984; e-mail:
Arkadiusz Dzikowski, tel. 55/6470983:
Magdalena Olbryś, tel. 55/6470974; email:

1. Educational classes at the Malbork Castle Museum take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9.00-14.00.

2. Museum lessons can be ordered by phone or in person at the Education Department of the Museum from Monday to Friday between 7.30-9.00 and 14.00-15.00 tel. 0/55 6470983, 55/6470982, 55/6470984, 55/6470974.

The order of applications applies. Please provide the subject of the class, school address and phone number, class and name of the teacher or guardian.

3. We do not accept bookings of classes via e-mail.

4. We accept one class group for classes – we do not combine classes.

5. The payment for the lesson is PLN 5 per student. The amount is paid on the day of the lesson directly at the box office of the Castle Museum. The cash register issues an invoice.

6. Please confirm your participation in the classes a week before they start.

7. Please come to classes on time – a group that is 15 minutes late may not be accepted.

8. In case of resignation from the ordered lesson, please inform us urgently by phone or e-mail to the person conducting the classes.

9. The teacher or guardian is obliged to stay with the class throughout the stay in the museum.

10. Remember that the castle is cold and draughty even in summer, so  please dress warmly. We also ask you to have comfortable shoes, as we often walk on stone pavement.


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