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  The Malbork book collection currently has over 29,000 books. volumes of books related to the profile of the Museum’s activity. There are particular works on specialist topics, with emphasis on defensive architecture, art, crafts, museology and monument conservation; we also have basic works on archaeology, general history and Polish history (mainly from the Middle Ages) as well as literature on the history of Malbork and the surrounding area. The book collection also includes a large selection of general and specialist dictionaries, lexicons and encyclopaedias. In addition, the library offers over twenty periodical titles. In addition to the daily press, a number of specialist magazines, domestic and foreign, in the field of conservation, stained glass, arts and crafts, numismatics, weapon science, historical sciences and professional magazines in the field of library science. Collections are gathered through inter-museum exchanges, gifts, purchases from private individuals, auctions of rare and sought-after books, domestic and foreign book fairs, or purchases from Polish and foreign publishers.


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