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The review procedure of the Publishing House of the Castle Museum in Malbork applies to materials that have passed the initial selection of the Publishing College and received a positive result of the anti-plagiarism program.

The review process is two-stage – internal (MZM Publishing College) and external (independent reviewers).The preliminary assessment of submitted materials in terms of compliance with the principles of publishing ethics, reliability, scientific value and substantive and formal requirements is carried out by the Publishing Board of the Castle Museum in Malbork.
Members of the College work on anonymized text.
The Publishing Board of the Malbork Castle Museum recommends an independent Specialist/Specialists in a given field whom it would like to appoint as a reviewer.
The Editor-in-Chief selects a reviewer with an academic degree not lower than the author’s academic degree.
The publisher enters into a contract with the reviewer
The secretary of the Publishing Board submits the text for review.
The review is prepared in accordance with the double blind review principle – the reviewer/reviewers and the author are anonymous.
Reviewers have complete freedom in evaluating the work.
Reviewers prepare a written review based on the review form template and submit it to the Secretary of the Publishing College.
The review may contain a number of comments, but it must end with an unequivocal conclusion about accepting or not recommending the text for publication.
After a positive review, the author adapts the text to the reviewer’s comments and submits it to the Secretary of the MZM Publishing Board, who directs all materials to the Publishing Board.
A negative review results in the rejection of the text (the author, after taking into account the reviewer’s comments, may submit the text again).
In case of conflicting reviews, a new reviewer is appointed.
The final decision to publish the text is made by the Editor-in-Chief


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