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Malbork Vademecum, Marek Stokowski, Janusz Trupinda, Malbork 2020
The Malbork vademecum (Latin: vade mecum – come with me) is a richly illustrated compendium of knowledge about the Malbork Castle in the times of the great Teutonic masters, as well as about the further history of this building. In addition to reliable historical information and descriptions of architecture, the book contains a lot of interesting facts from the everyday life of the former inhabitants of Malbork. The guidebook is also available in English. The book can be purchased in the stationary stores of the Malbork Castle Museum and online in the online store:
Malbork Castle 1882-1945, Ryszard Organizacja, Malbork 2018
Malbork Castle – a world-class tourist attraction, which owes its beauty to a large extent to the conservation works carried out before 1945. The need to constantly supplement knowledge on this subject prompted the Museum to issue the third edition of the above-mentioned book. publication. The Malbork Castle underwent a thorough metamorphosis in the aforementioned period. We can trace it thanks to hundreds of unique photographs that perfectly illustrate the methods and tools of the then conservators and construction teams. These photos are also an interesting material on the customs of “everyday life” of that era on a large construction site, which for many years was the castle in Malbork. The book was published in Polish-English language version. Unlike the previous editions from 1996 and 2002, the author significantly increased the number of photographs, thanks to which he more fully depicted the “weekdays” of the castle, especially in the interwar period. The publication can be purchased stationary at the Malbork Castle Museum and online at the online store:


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