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Calligraphy workshops

The Education Department of the Castle Museum in Malbork invites you to the newly opened castle scriptorium. The idea of ​​creating a scriptorium was born two years ago. Inspired by the calligraphy workshops conducted for museum workers in Malbork by employees of the Wilanów Palace Museum, Janusz Korzeniowski and Katarzyna Pietrzak, we developed our project. We studied the Villa Nova Scriptorium in the Wilanów gardens and learned the script of Gothic texture at a meeting led by the famous art historian from Krakow, Barbara Bodziony

The scriptorium is an antidote to the dizzying pace of modern life, a way to calm down, focus, and seek impeccability. Here, as before, in the privacy of a medieval monastery, you will be able to learn the secrets of the work of a copyist, writing, printing and books. Take a quill pen in your hand, dip it in an inkwell and experience that while writing “Even though only three fingers write, the whole body struggles”, as one of the Benedictine friars told us.

It is estimated that, for example, copying the Bible by hand by a copyist took about three years. Only the invention of printing significantly accelerated this process. In our scriptorium, we also present a reconstruction of the press from the times of Johannes Gutenberg to show the printing process.

Below we present a photo service of our activities aimed at equipping the calligraphy and printing studio at the castle in Malbork. We also present calligraphy lessons conducted by the employees of our museum, carried out as part of the Accessible Culture program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

From September this year The Education Department cordially invites students to calligraphy workshops, where they will be able to learn the art of careful and aesthetic writing, often also artistically decorated.

We offer one-time or cyclical classes conducted after consultation with the teacher, tailored to the individual skills of students.

In order to arrange classes, please contact the Education Department at tel. 55/6470982, 983, 984. We accept groups of up to 15 people for workshops.

Printing workshop

Getting to know the old ways of printing texts, presentation of the printing press from the times of John Gutenberg and its practical application.

Mosaic workshop

Practical mosaic arrangement on the example of the Madonna figure from the castle.

Stained glass workshop

The answer to the question what is stained glass? How were stained glass windows made in the past? practical creation of stained glass from paper or other materials






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