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Królewiecka Hall

Sala królewiecka. Widok na część południowo wschodnią. Pośrodku filar wspierający sklepienie. W narożniku kominek. Ściany w kolorze intensywnie zielonym. W blendach pod sklepieniem dekoracja w omie motywu roślinnego.
Królewiecka Hall

In the Middle Ages, there were two elongated rooms in this place, each illuminated by one window – mentioned in the Teutonic accounting books: the master’s room and room.

Recent studies have shown that the interiors were decorated with wall paintings in the form of plant flagella – a fragment of this old decoration has been preserved in an outcrop on the southern wall of the room. In the first half of the nineteenth century, during the restoration of the castle, known today as the romantic one, the interiors existing here were rebuilt – similar to the neighboring refectory – one square interior with a vault supported by a central pillar. The painting decorations on the target fields were made by the Gdańsk artist Michael Carl Gregorovius. There is a fireplace by the eastern wall. The restoration works were co-financed by the authorities of the city of Królewiec, hence the name of the room. During the second restoration of the castle at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the walls were given the color of the walls. After World War II, the entire building was painted white. During the restoration works in the 1990s, the interior of the room from the times of the romantic restoration was restored, with green walls and Gregorovius’ entwines in the shield fields. An interesting fact is that the pillar supporting the vault – both its granite core, as well as the limestone base and capital – were juxtaposed from gothic elements found in the castle during restoration works. The current equipment includes a suit of neo-Gothic furniture from 1834 and graphic portraits of people associated with the work at the castle at that time.


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