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‘Christoph Maucher – an Amber Casket Full of Mystery’ – Vernissage

Goście wernisażu zgromadzeni w sali kapitulnej na Zamku Wysokim

The vernissage of the exhibition ‘Christoph Maucher – an Amber Casket Full of Mystery’ has just concluded. The mysteries piqued the interest of many amber workers, jewellers and researchers, including chemists, biologists, art historians, artists, museologists and other academics, as well as members of the International Amber Association.

The vernissage opened with some 17th-century music, followed by a speech by Agnieszka Kowalska, Deputy Director for Research and Conservation, who greeted the guests before giving up the floor to the curators, who talked about the project.

Dwie gitarzystki grające na instrumentach.
Przemawia Agnieszka Kowalska zastępca dyrektora do spraw naukowo konserwatorskich
Agnieszka Kowalska, Deputy Director for Research and Conservation

Katarzyna Kita, responsible for the castle amber collection and the ‘Amber Contexts’ exhibition, presented the story of the casket and its historical context. Jolanta Ratuszna, head of the Conservation Workshop, explained the idea behind the research project and discussed its results.

Katarzyna Kita, custodian of the amber collection
Jolanta Ratuszna, manager of the conservation workshop

After the opening part, the visitors passed through the northern arcade to the temporary exhibition hall, where they could see the casket and the extraordinary photos taken by Lech Zdrojewski.

The casket has been part of the Malbork collection for more than 50 years, but we have only recently been able to analyse it so thoroughly. The three-year project has allowed us to solve its mysteries.

The contents of the luxury item used to be accessible only to its owner, who had the key necessary to open the lid and could enjoy the wealth of history hidden inside.

Today, thanks to our research project, we are also able to delve into these secrets. This begs the question: what does the casket hold? It holds masterful craftsmanship, mythological scenes, floral ornaments, landscapes and architectural and geometric decorations. Come and discover all of it yourself – the gods, nymphs, landscapes and mythical beasts.

The exhibition is available until 1 December 2024.

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