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Grand opening of the new spaces of the Outer Bailey

At the Castle Outer Bailey, for the past 3 years, the reconstruction of the household buildings has been ongoing, along with their adaptation to cultural and educational functions. The ruins that loomed in the distance are now fully modernized and ready for use.

We invite you to the grand opening of our new interiors!

April 27 – 15:00 – 20:00

April 28 – 13:00 – 17:00

As part of the solemn opening, we will showcase our new studios, and at the same time, take a glimpse into the daily unseen work of the castle’s scientific departments. It will also be a weekend filled with many attractions and educational workshops.

Workshops by the Castle Education Department:

▪️ Medieval construction workshop,

▪️ Small armory,

▪️ Gregorian chant workshop


▪️ Medieval children’s fortress,

▪️ Archery range,

▪️ Papermaking,

▪️ Medieval games and activities,

▪️ Knight’s Academy,

▪️ Minting coins at the mint,

▪️ Medieval dance workshops,

▪️ Medieval theater,

▪️ Knightly combat shows

19:00 – Concert by the medieval music band Veratus

Additionally, there will be a craft fair and a delicious gastronomic zone.

And starting this spring, the following facilities will begin operating in this building:

▪️ Conservation workshop,

▪️ Museum library,

▪️ Teutonic Heritage Research Center,

▪️ Castle archives,

▪️ Digitization workshop.

Participation in the event is free of charge.

You are welcome to join us!

The project “Reconstruction of the monumental household buildings on the Malbork Castle Outer Bailey along with their adaptation to cultural and educational functions” is implemented under the Culture Program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.


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