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Summary of the conference “Bohemian beautiful style in Central Europe and Teutonic Prussia”

The first day of the conference “Bohemian beautiful style in Central Europe
and in Teutonic Prussia” passed in deliberations until late hours
in the evening. The speakers took the floor, presenting their results
research on art around 1400, and summarized individual blocks
very exciting discussion.
The conference was opened by Agnieszka Kowalska, director of
scientific and conservation works of the Castle Museum in Malbork, followed by a voice members of the research team. After presenting the topic,
assumptions and implementation of the project and the most important results, papers were delivered by invited guests. We had the
pleasure to listen to researchers from Charles University in Prague,
the Czech National Institute of Monuments, the West Bohemian Museum in
Pilsen, the Bavarian National Museum in Munich, and also
representatives of the Institutes of Art History of the Universities in Toruń,
Wroclaw and Krakow.

On Friday, June 16, the participants of the conference went to Gdańsk, Poland
expert seminars and live discussions on the most important ones
monuments of the beautiful style in the former Teutonic Prussia. the first
The highlight was a meeting at the Museum, our partner in the project
National in Gdańsk. It was opened by director Jacek Friedrich, after him
Kamila Ślefarska, a conservator specializing in
work in stone material. In the room with the exhibition of art collections
told about the course of conservation of one of the
stone figures, related problems and developed methods.

The next stop was a visit to St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdańsk,
where we were able to look into a few, usually inaccessible,
chapels Opportunity to get a close look at Pieta standing in
the chapel of St. Jerzy, or seeing the Beautiful Madonna gave a lot
satisfaction and aroused great emotions.

The day ended with a return to Malbork and a substantive discussion
next to the figure of Christ Gethsemane from our collection. Jolanta Ratuszna
head of the MZM Conservation Workshop presented the story
restoration of the sculpture, pointed to details that were particularly interesting to her and traces revealing the methods of the stonemason’s work. The class of this figure the unbelievable precision of its performance impressed the participants
very impressive meetings.

On Saturday, the group left for Pelplin, and then Toruń, where
she visited the churches of the Old and New Town along with the wealth
works of art in them.


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