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‘The Business Potential of Cultural Heritage’ – Course Report

Sala konferencyjna. Ujęcie pokazuje od tylu siedzących uczestników. Na wprost obiektywu stół prezydialny, nad nim ekran z wyświetlaną prezentacją. Przy stole przodem do widowni trzy prelegentki.

We have just wrapped up the course ‘The Business Potential of Cultural Heritage. Building an Effective Partnership Between Culture and Business’.

The Karwan Conference Centre was visited by local entrepreneurs from various industries, who discussed the benefits of business and culture working together. The goal of the course was to demonstrate how valuable cultural heritage is to various types of businesses.

We are very grateful to Beata Hodorowicz and Aleksandra Schoen-Żmijowa from Wawel Castle for sharing their extensive and inspiring experience.

We would also like to thank all participants. We hope that the course was a source of great ideas, connections and future partnerships.

Prelrgentka konferencji podczas prezentacji tematu.
Uczestnicy konferencji w sali odczytowej.

The event was organised as part of the initiative ‘Altering the Historic Utility Buildings in the Outer Ward of Malbork Castle and Adapting Them to Cultural and Education Purposes’, which is partially financed as part of the Culture Programme (EEA Financial Mechanism).


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