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The Grand Opening of the New Outer Bailey

After three years of construction work and various education and training initiatives, the project ‘Altering the Historic Utility Buildings in the Outer Bailey of Malbork Castle and Adapting Them to Cultural and Education Purposes’, partially financed as part of the Culture Programme (EEA Financial Mechanism), is finally complete. As what we call the castle summer season begins, we open the newly reconstructed Outer Bailey area to the public.

The ribbon was cut by Marta Cienkowska – Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and Dr Janusz Trupinda, Director of the Malbork Castle Museum.

Pani Marta Cienkowska podsekretarz stanu w Ministerstwie Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego oraz Janusz Trupinda Dyrektor Muzeum Zamkowego przecinają wstęgę przed budynkiem biblioteki.

The castle library’s new education room debuted as an event venue, as that is where the opening ceremony took place.

‘Thanks to Norway Grants, we are able to complete many projects that we would be unlikely to see through on our own, or certainly not as quickly. Our partnership with Norway is of particular importance, as it offers a different perspective and completely new experiences, which is what makes it so crucial. I believe that this is just the beginning, and in the future, and I hope that we are able to negotiate as much funding as possible, many more projects will be financed, which is what I would like to wish the Castle Museum, as well as offering my congratulations on completing this project, which was years in the making and thus quite a challenge to overcome’, said Marta Cienkowska, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Education and National Heritage.

Do zgromadzonych gości przemawia pani Marta Cienkowska podsekretarz stanu w Ministerstwie Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.

The event was also attended by Annstein Brekke from Bodø, who accepted our thanks for the partnership.

Aleksandra Wacko, Advisor for Norway Grants at the Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw, talked about the length and importance of the partnership with the Castle Museum, which has participated since the early editions of the fund, and expressed hope that we continue to work together.

‘Poland is our largest partner, and has received nearly 2 billion euros since 2004. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this partnership. Norway Grants are a special instrument, as they offer enormous potential for collaboration on various levels: between people, institutions, regions, as well as on a political level. Every project is an important element that fosters friendship between Poland and Norway. Cultural heritage is an important part of history and identity for us all, and more and more people are now saying that heritage protection plays an important role in social and economic life, which is why I am happy that Norway Grants contribute to preserving such important monuments as Malbork, which tell the story of nations, people and identities. For us Norwegians, this is not just a financial contribution. Most importantly, the grants put humans first, and our goal is mutual exchange of knowledge, exchange of best practices and fostering relations between Poland and Norway’, said Aleksandra Wacko, Advisor for Norway Grants at the Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw.

Goście podczas prelekcji na otwarciu nowych budynków Przedzamcza.

Udo Arnold, honorary head of the International Historical Commission for Research on the Teutonic Order, congratulated us in a letter.
‘I offer my sincere congratulations on completing the reconstruction of another part of the Outer Bailey. I wish you good luck in continuing the development of your culture and research centre. I have high hopes in this regard, as Malbork is already a member of an international scholarly movement. Malbork is a reflection of European history, its importance proven in recent years by the fascinating exhibitions it has organised.’

The project itself, along with its stages, activities and figures, was discussed by Agnieszka Kowalska, Director for Research and Conservation, who also gave an engaging presentation.

O projekcie opowiada pani Agnieszka Kowalska zastępca Dyrektora do spraw naukowych i konserwatorskich.

The autumn of 2021 saw the commencement of the reconstruction of two utility buildings destroyed in 1945. The project involved restoring the historical buildings, while preserving all surviving mediaeval wall fragments and supporting them using a modern reinforced concrete structure. The construction and conservation work cost nearly PLN 21.5 million, around 12 million of which was granted via the Culture Programme of the EEA Financial Mechanism and by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

After the ceremony, the long-awaited tour of the new interiors began. The staff of the departments that will be making the move to the Outer Bailey showed the attendees their workshops, discussed their work and presented their new specialist equipment. The new buildings will house our research library, which will finally have ample space for its book collection of around 40,000 volumes, and will be able to expand its education efforts. The new Outer Bailey offers 2500 m2 of space across its basements and two storeys. These will house seven conservation workshops, the castle archives and certain completely new departments established in relation to the reconstruction: a collection digitisation workshop and the Centre for Post-Teutonic Heritage Research, which will focus on architecture and artefacts.

The cutting-edge workshops were available to local residents, visitors and anyone else who came to see the Outer Bailey that day, making for a unique opportunity to explore places which are usually inaccessible and talk to the research staff who work there.

The entire Outer Bailey offered a wealth of attractions, including handicraft workshops, games, contests, plays and a concert.

We would like to thank all our partners and today’s guests – it was important for us to have you here on such a momentous occasion.


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