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The Siege of Malbork is underway

The biggest medieval festival in Poland continues!

This weekend, the visitors of the Malbork Castle are able to experience a great adventure. During these days, the castle comes to life and travels back in time to 1410, when the fortress was undergoing its famous siege.


On Saturday morning, a celebratory procession moved through the streets of the city, which officially inaugurated this year’s Siege of Malbork.

Uczestnicy oblężenia Malborka konno w strojach stylizowanych na średniowieczne

The event was inagurated by the Director of the Malbork Castle Museum, PhD Janusz Trupinda, together with the Mayor of Malbork – Marek Charzewski, the parish priest of the Roman Catholic parish of St. John the Baptist – Fr. Robert Branicki and the Deputy Director for Marketing and Administration – Beata Stawarska.

Dyrektor Muzeum Zamkowego w Malborku w otoczeniu uczestników oblężenia Malborka

During the evening visit to the castle named the “Knight’s Adventure”, you can “immerse” into the center of those events and experience, among others, a council of the Teutonic Knights or a field hospital full of wounded.

kilku mężczyzn w strojach średniowiecznych rycerzy zakonnych we wnętrzu kapitularza.

In addition, during these three days you can watch foot, horse and archery tournaments as well street theater performances and concerts, take part in many workshops and buy an unusual souvenir at the craft fair or eat something truly unusual at one of the booths.

Stoisko uczestników oblężenia Malborka. Na pierwszym planie drewniane stoły, na nich gliniane i mosiężne naczynia oraz wiklinowy kosz z pieczywem. Za stołem dwie kobiety ubrane w stroje stylizowane na średniowieczne.
Uczestnicy warsztatów kaligraficznych podczas pisania.


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