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XXVIII International Biennale of Contemporary Exlibris

The International Biennale of Contemporary Exlibris has been held at the Castle Museum in Malbork since 1963. It is the oldest cyclical artistic event in Poland presenting the current achievements of artists in this field of art. The museum has nearly 23,000 bookplates in its collection. The collection is made up of works donated by artists participating in post-competition exhibitions in the years 1963-2023.

In the past, bookplates testified to the high cultural needs of the owner, were a sign of care for books, and were also intended to protect against theft or loss. years ago. Hence, the artists created the bookplate as free art, which is created for pleasure and to convey artistic content, and at the same time not detached from the dedication. Ex libris is an individual and often one person art, and above all, it allows for reflection and focusing on a specific person. Hence the great value and importance of the bookplate for contemporary art.

On June 2-3, the 15th International Congress of Ex Libris Artists and Collectors took place. Malbork’s meetings are an opportunity to establish personal contacts, exchange bookplates, supplement one’s own book collections with publications related to the bookmark and give the opportunity to order more works from artists. They are an important factor that affects the environment of experts and lovers of graphic miniatures.

Initiated in 1963, the competition has become a global forum for ex libris culture represented by artists and collectors. Currently, the XXVIII International Biennale of Contemporary Exlibris – Malbork 2023 is taking place.

The exhibition, which opened on June 3, also reminds us of the 60th anniversary of the bookplate in Malbork Castle

– Thank you for your hard work and meticulous evaluation of your work. The competitions organized by the Castle Museum in Malbork undoubtedly contribute to the popularization of this field of art. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all those involved in the organization of this year’s edition of the Competition. – noted in the letter read out during the ceremony Dr. Jarosław Sellin, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, General Conservator of Monuments.

The exhibition presents 311 bookplates created by 130 artists from 23 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The number of works sent to this year’s competition is impressive – over 800. The exhibition presents various technical and material forms as well as formal and stylistic forms, reflecting the multiplicity of artistic searches among artists.

– The Exlibris Biennial, both the exhibitions organized every two years and our collections, are already part of the history of this place. I am a bit afraid of what members of our bookplate family, which you are, will say about the new arrangement of the competition exhibition and the exhibition dedicated to Henryk Feilhauer. I would like you to notice that this new form of ex libris presentation is a step into the future and a confirmation that ex libris is important to us. – said during the inauguration of the event Dr. hab. Janusz Trupinda, Director of the Castle Museum in Malbork.

The works were selected by the Jury appointed by the Director of the Museum, consisting of graphic artists and experts in contemporary art. The meeting was also attended by representatives of institutions funding sponsored prizes.


Jury composed of:

Piotr GOJOWY – Chairman
Arkadiusz WAGNER
Aleksandra KRUPA-BYKOWSKA – Secretary
with the participation of representatives of institutions funding additional prizes:

Mieczysława BIELENIA – Society of Polish Bibliophiles in Warsaw
Halina and Roman MICIŃSKI – Golden Stylus Award Henryk Feilhauer
Urszula ŚWIĘCICKA – Award of the Main Board of the Association of Polish Artists
A total of 834 works submitted by 243 artists from 33 countries were considered and decided:

311 works by 129 artists from 22 countries are eligible for the exhibition:

1st Prize in the amount of PLN 7,000.00 went to: Andrzej BORTOWSKI (Poland)
The 2nd Prize in the amount of PLN 6,000.00 went to: Miroslav HLINKA (Czech Republic)
The 3rd Prize in the amount of PLN 5,000.00 went to: Mykhailo DRIMAYLO (Ukraine)
Equal distinctions of the XXVIII Biennale in the form of Medals of Honor with Diplomas were given to the following artists:
Piotr Michał KIRKIŁŁO (Great Britain) – the prize was collected on behalf of the laureate by his sister Małgorzata Mikoda
Ivan RUSACZEK (Poland)
Tomasz BARCZYK (Poland)
Ryszard BALOŃ (Poland)
Pawel BIŃCZYCKI (Poland)
Przemysław BUKOWSKI (Poland)
Konstantin KALYNOVYCH (Ukraine)
Peter Vladimirov CHINOVSKI (Bulgaria)
Ivo MOSELE (Italy)
The award of the Main Board of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers for the best set of works went to:
Stanislaw CHOLEWA (Poland)

The Award of the Director of the Castle Museum in Malbork for the best ex libris related to the 60th anniversary of the International Biennale of Contemporary Ex Libris in Malbork 1963-2023 went to:
Ryszard BALOŃ (Poland)

The award of the Mayor of Malbork for the best set of works went to:
Pietro Paolo TARASCO (Italy)

The award of the Society of Polish Bibliophiles in Warsaw for the best set of works went to:
Jerzy WAYGART (Poland)

Commemorative Medal of Janusz Mikołaj Szymański funded by Barbara Klein-Szymańska received:
Roman NOWOSZEWSKI (Poland)

Wlodzimierz RUDNICKI (Poland)

Krystyna and Sylwester STANIEWICZ (Poland)

Barbara KLEIN-SZYMAŃSKA (Poland)

Golden Stylus Awards Henryk Feilhauer for the best engraving for a young artist was not awarded.
Honorable Mention The Henryk Feilhauer Prize was awarded to:

Iwona PIEJKO (Poland)

The exhibition was accompanied by an exhibition dedicated to Henryk Feilhauer.

We invite you to see a small gallery of photos from the event.


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