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1st place in the Regatta of Institutions of Culture “Dragon Boats”

The XIII Regatta of Cultural Institutions did not turn out to be unlucky for our Museum. Not at all! Our crew returned to Malbork with the winning cup.


Friday afternoon, May 26, gathered many fans of the regatta as well as fans and supporters of museums taking part in the competition on the Gdańsk Motława waterfront. Among the crowds, small groups of competition crews stood out: blue, black, navy blue and white and brick T-shirts of our castle team.


Warm-ups, squats and the last strategic discussions – such moods prevailed on the Ołowianka Quay exactly until 16:00, when the first two teams started. Both banks, bridges and the dignified Sołdek were filled with ovations, applause and cheers from the audience.


The cup qualification system, 8 teams, 2 tracks, 4 races and about 200 m of waves to overcome – these were the rules.


In the first race the Museum of the Second World War (1.05.82) defeated the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk (1.06.10). Then came the time for “this” moment, i.e. the second race, in which our crew with the time of 1.03.66 defeated the Gdynia Aquarium (1.05.56). The third race was not less exciting for us, because its participant was the black horse of the Regatta and its organizer – the National Maritime Museum. Although the hosts beat (1.04.27) in their race the Gdańsk Museum (1.10.51), we were in the lead. Although we beat the favorite, full of emotions and hope we watched the last fourth race. Hevelianum (1.05.53) beat the National Museum in Gdańsk (1.07.81), but not us!


The four final races took place in the appropriate point configuration. At 18:50 at the start, two dragon boats with the best time of the first round lined up. The National Maritime Museum and the Castle Museum in Malbork with their very even rhythm provided a lot of emotions to everyone gathered on the waterfront. Whose dragon’s head first passed the orange meta buoy? Although among the crowd we could hear heart-pleasing speculations, it was only the official result that the endorphin volcano ignited.


“The Castle Museum in Malbork with the time 1.02.49 is the winner of this year’s Dragon Boats 2023 Regatta of the Cultural Institution!”


In the rain of champagne, tears of happiness and euphoria, everyone wanted to grab a huge gold cup at least for a moment.


The transitive symbol of victory will be a guest of the Malbork castle until the next regatta, but it is no secret that we are preparing a permanent seat for it.


On Monday, our team, together with the employees and management of the Castle Museum, once again experienced their victory during the occasional meeting.


We would like to thank all the teams for the exciting competition.

We would also like to thank the organizer of the Regatta – the National Maritime Museum.

At the end, but above all, we send thanks to our coach Mark Grenda, for the knowledge and idea that built this victory.


See you next year!


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