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Winter holidays 2023 at the castle in Malbork

Winter holidays 2023 at the castle in Malbork ❄️

January 16 – February 29
We invite you to book classes
– before school,
– primary schools,
– secondary schools,
– special schools,
– Universities.

Here is a list of themes to choose from and details:

1. Old writing – workshop on Gothic calligraphy
primary school, high school;
conducted by: Jolanta Justa, phone: 55 6470 983
groups up to 15 people

2. A castle in the lens – photography workshops for participants
From 6th grade to high school
conducted by: Jolanta Justa, phone: 55 6470 983
The condition is to have your own camera, it can also be a camera on your phone.

3. Getting to know portals – searching for an answer to the question: What is a portal? Reading the content contained on the medieval portals of the chapel of St. Anna. Discovering portals in the castle complex, comparing them. Watching the gem of Gothic architecture called the Golden Gate. Getting to know its content. Art workshops – painting on paper an architectural detail from the portals viewed.
Classes I-III
groups of up to 20 people
led by Ewa Kasprzyk, tel. 55 6470 984

4. The Art of War – war in art – weapons research workshops based on castle works of art.
Elementary school, high school
conducted by: Arkadiusz Dzikowski, tel. 603407573

5. The Bible of Kings – The Kingdom of the Bible. The image of the heavenly Messiah in the earthly king. – discussion.
High schools, students
conducted by: Tomasz Bogdanowicz, phone no. 502556236

6. “Ex luto Marienburg” – was the castle really made of mud?
The classes will include a journey through selected castle spaces combined with a visit to the workshop of a medieval master builder. As part of these classes, the technology of creating a vault, laying tiles as well as determining and measuring angles with the use of building replicas of “instruments” will be discussed.
From the 4th grade of primary school to high school
conducted by: Tomasz Chądzyński, tel. 55 647 09 83

7. Seekers of traces – classes for the exhibition Wieliczka and Malbork – in the footsteps of monuments on the UNESCO list
During the meeting, participants will assume the role of detectives. They will be invited to look for traces of monuments. There will be no shortage of them in our museum! They will find out why the Malbork Castle was included in the mysterious UNESCO list. Perhaps some will want to leave their unique trace of meeting with the castle in the form of art work. We invite you from February 3!
kindergarten groups, grades I-III and grades from special schools (up to max. 25 people)
conducted by: Magdalena Olbryś, phone no. 55 647 09 74

Lessons take place upon prior reservation during the opening hours of the museum. The duration of classes is 45-90 minutes, depending on the age and needs of the group. The cost of the classes is PLN 5 per child, admission for carers is free.


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