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“Dressing an Amber Block – Bogdan Mirowski” – a new temporary exhibition

Malbork Castle Museum and  the OKO-LICE KULTURY Foundation invites you to an exhibition devoted to the work of Bogdan Mirowski (1945-2014), Sopot amber maker, goldsmith, sculptor, one of the founders of the International Amber Association.


“Ubrać bursztynową bryłę – Bogdan Mirowski”

Exhibition duration: 19.05-30.09.2023

Location: Ground floor under the Great Commandry, Middle Castle (at the permanent exhibition “Amber Contexts”)

The event will accompany the permanent exhibition of amber “Amber contexts” in the tourist season of 2023.  It will be the next installment of a series of exhibitions, initiated in 2021 at the Castle Museum, presenting the work of contemporary artists creating in amber based on a selection of their most interesting works.

The exhibition will be a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the master who dresses amber in silver. Bogdan Mirowski was the author of jewellery, installations, sculptures and bas-reliefs. His works are distinguished by extraordinary precision of workmanship, unique, individual projects and respect for fragile and delicate amber. Silver forms entwining amber lumps emphasized the nobility of this material. Through the techniques of silver processing, he was able to bring out the beauty of amber without disturbing its structure.

The painting “Feast” from the Malbork collection will be presented  to the public for the first time at this exhibition as well as one of the most famous works of the artist – the “Amber Nightingale” statuette, which is the Grand Prix at the Sopot Song Festival. Next to them, numerous objects from private collections will be showcased, including: jewelry, mainly necklaces and brooches, as well as small sculptural forms, often surprising with their concept, but also with their incredible accuracy and dexterity.

The exhibition in a modern artistic arrangement will be prepared by Lech J. Zdrojewski and Kinga Gełdon-Czech – creators of the album “Bogdan Mirowski – master of detail”, which was released in December 2022.

Partner of the exhibition: Foundation OKO-LICE KULTURY




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