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Book promotion “Stone sculpture of the Czech beautiful style from the years 1380-1400 in the territory of the State of the Teutonic Order in Prussia

We are showcasing our latest publication “Stone Sculpture of the Bohemian rendition from 1380-1400 in the State of the Teutonic Order in Prussia: Material-Technology-Style-Function”, which is the result of a research project that has been implemented by the Museum since 2018. During the meeting, Prof. Monika Jakubek-Raczkowska, who heads the interdisciplinary team, together with the initiator of the project and its coordinator, Monika Czapska from MZM, talked about the details of several years of work and presented the most important research results. The meeting was held at the seat of the Scientific Society in Toruń.


– The Malbork Castle is commonly perceived as a tourist attraction, a good place to spend a holiday or free time and is described as a “global tourist product”. This is all true, but our ambition is to build a museum, an institution strongly based on the competences of employees, including the scientific ones, which will actively and creatively participate in museum and scientific life. An example of such an action is the project, the effects of which can be found in the publication promoted today – says dr hab. Janusz Trupinda, director of the Castle Museum in Malbork. – I am grateful to Monika Czapska, the initiator and coordinator of the project, prof. Monika Jakubek-Raczkowska for running it and all participants of the project for their commitment. Today I invite you to a scientific summary of the project, combined with a discussion and setting further directions of research, which will take place in June in Malbork. I also invite you to follow other scientific projects carried out by the employees of our Museum – adds the director.


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