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Night of Museums 2024

Zdjęcie zamku w Malborku od strony wschodniej. Widoczne mury i ganki obronne oraz dachy przykryte dachówką.Nad zamkiem ciemne rozgwieżdżone niebo. Na zdjęcie z lewej strony białą czcionką nałożony napis 18 maja Noc Muzeów. Poniżej logo Muzeum Zamkowego w Malborku.

As every year, the Malbork Castle will be part of the International Night of Museums.
Take the opportunity to visit the Teutonic Knights’ fortress at night!


Tickets at PLN 1.00 are available at the castle ticket offices and online.

Some technical details:
– Assembly point on the square by the ticket offices (Pl. 60-lecia MZM)
–  The castle courtyards are built of stone, so only flat shoes will be suitable.  The castle is quite large, and we will also visit the intermural space and the castle moats. Be sure, then, to wear comfortable footwear.
– The castle cloisters are windy places, especially at night.


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