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‘Nigra crux mala crux. The Black and White Legends of the Teutonic Order’

Grafika w kolorze czerni i bieli. Na białym tle pośrodku napis stylizowany na średniowieczne litery Nigra crux mala crux. Po lewej stronie w czarnym polu napis Wystawa od 28.09.223 do 15.01.2024. Po prawej w takim samym polu napis Czarna i białą legenda zakonu krzyżackiego.

The Malbork Castle Museum would like to invite you to the most important exhibition in recent years.

‘Nigra crux, mala crux. The Black and White Legends of the Teutonic Order’

The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem was one of the three major military orders of the Middle Ages. Over time, it also became an important part of the national histories of Poland, Lithuania and Germany, and its story remains steeped in myth, stereotypes and reinterpretations. This phenomenon reached its peak between the 19th and 20th centuries, after the order had ceased to play a major role in European history. Its black and white legends born in the Middle Ages were expanded upon, and Castle Malbork, the capital of the Teutonic State and the symbol of the order and its power, was at the centre of these narratives.

The exhibition is the final part of a cycle telling the story of our castle from a broad, European point of view, offering a multifaceted depiction of how the history of the Teutonic Order has been used instrumentally from a historical, anthropological, sociological and political perspective. Many of the artefacts on display have been borrowed from various institutions and private collections in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania and Poland.  This exhibition is the first such attempt in history to tackle the issue and tell the story of Malbork Castle from this particular perspective.

Our story is universally relevant, as it demonstrates the mechanisms and consequences of using history instrumentally. As a result, the exhibition is both historical and very relevant today.

It is an absolute must-see.


To help visitors better acquaint themselves with the exhibition, we are offering, for the first time in history, dedicated guided tours, a series of curator-led tours and lectures and a special educational programme.

A series of podcasts about the exhibition is also available.

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