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Open Day of the Castle Museum Library

Time for the Library!

Did you know that the Library of the Malbork Castle Museum has existed since 1961, which means that it has been operating for 62 years!!!

Is it long or short? It is of course relative . Assuming that we do not age, but only gain experience, it seems to us that we do not succumb to the pressure of time. It is quite the opposite. During its functioning, the castle library underwent many changes. But it has always been a friendly place for museum employees, scientists, students, and history enthusiasts or simply seekers of knowledge.

This year is special in some ways. It is the last year in the current location. This is related to the huge undertaking of the Castle Museum, and more precisely to the project “Reconstruction of historic farm buildings in the Oustskirts of the Malbork Castle, including their adaptation to cultural and educational functions”, implemented under the Culture Program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, Action 1 Improvement of cultural heritage management .

We will keep you updated on any changes. However, before that happens, today we invite you to the Open Day of the Library, which will take place on May 11 this year. from 10.00 to 18.00. It will be the last chance to get acquainted with the history and activities of the library in its current form and place.


The program includes:

1. Film screening: In the footsteps of books and libraries at the Malbork Castle

2. A display of the most valuable items from the library’s collection

3. A brief history of bindings – presentation of the most interesting bindings of the castle library

4. Art workshops: design a bookmark, coloring books for the youngest

5. Field game in cooperation with the Pomeranian Pedagogical Library in Gdańsk. Branch in Malbork.

6. Contests and quizzes with prizes.


We encourage you to follow our posts, in which we will provide various information related to the library. They can come in handy during competitions.

Our event also fits perfectly into the 20th National Libraries Week, which will take place from 8 to 15 May. This year’s edition will be held under the slogan: My Your Our Library!

If you want to get to know the Castle Library better, we cordially invite everyone: children, youth, adults, whole families.


School groups, please book in advance by phone: 55/647-0-897, 899 or by e-mail:

Grafika na błękitnym tle. Po prawej stronie pięć książek ułożonych jedna na drugiej.Po prawej tekst : 11 maja dzień otwarty biblioteki Muzeum Zamkowego. poniżej loga w kolejności funduszy norweskich Ministerstwa kultury i dziedzictwa narodowego oraz Muzeum Zamkowego w Malborku.


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