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Topping placed on the roof of the reconstructed outbuildings of the Outskirts

The ceremonial summary of the construction and conservation works took place at the castle in Sztum. In addition, we hung a topping out on the roof of the reconstructed outbuildings of the Outskirts of the Castle Museum in Malbork. Both events were attended by Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage Jarosław Sellin.

The works in Sztum include “Replacement of the roofing on the southern wing and the Gate Tower of the castle in Sztum”.

The topping out ceremony closed the stage of construction works “Reconstruction of historic farm buildings in the outer ward of the castle in Malbork, including their adaptation to cultural and educational functions.” The cost of construction and conservation works is PLN 21,089,000. net. Co-financing: from the Culture Program (MF EEA) – PLN 15,096,969.48 and from the state budget – PLN 2,664,171.09. The planned completion of the works with the commissioning of the facilities is December 31, 2023.

Works related to the conservation of the relics of the architecture of the former farm buildings, the reconstruction of their bodies and adaptation to museum functions have been going on for over a year. At that time, activities related to the erection of fragments of perimeter walls were carried out and the structure of the buildings was stabilized. Ceilings and staircases were made. Currently, the roof of one of the buildings is being closed, and tiles have already been laid on the other. Window joinery is being installed. Work begins on the interiors, related to the execution of internal divisions and all installations. A heating node is being built. The progress of works is estimated at approx. 48%. Thanks to such advancement, it can be assumed at this stage that the works are being carried out in accordance with the adopted schedule and there is no threat to the timely completion of the investment.

During the first months of work in the northern part of the building, relics of a medieval “hypocaustum” furnace and heating channels on the basement vault were discovered. These relics helped to identify the original function located in the building: the malt dryer. They will be preserved and will be displayed in the new building. In the course of archaeological supervision, relics of kiln equipment related to the functioning of a historical brewery and distillery in this place were also uncovered, fragments of which had been uncovered during earlier archaeological research.

Video from the topping out ceremony with the participation of Minister Jarosław Sellin – YouTube


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